Amazing Spider-Man 361 Cgc 9.8, Amazing Spider-Man 361 Cgc 9.8

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 361 CGC 9.8: View New Price on SPIDER-MAN 361 CGC 9.8

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"Amazing Spider-Man #361 CGC

9.8: The Birth of Carnage in Pristine Condition"


In the world of comic book collecting, a pristine copy of a key issue can be a treasure for enthusiasts and investors alike. "Amazing Spider-Man #361," published in 1992, is a comic that holds a special place in the hearts of Spider-Man fans and collectors. In particular, a CGC (Certified Guaranty Company) graded copy at

9.8 represents the pinnacle of collectibility. Lets delve into the significance of this comic and why a CGC

9.8 copy is highly coveted.

The Birth of Carnage:

"Amazing Spider-Man #361" is historically significant because it marks the first full appearance of one of Spider-Mans most iconic and menacing foes, Carnage. Created by writer David Michelinie and artist Mark Bagley, Carnage is the symbiotic offspring of the notorious Venom, making him a terrifying and formidable adversary for Spider-Man.

Condition is Key:

The CGC grading system has become the industry standard for evaluating and preserving the condition of comic books. A CGC

9.8 grade indicates that the comic is in near-mint to mint condition, with minimal to no flaws or imperfections. For collectors, this represents the highest level of preservation, ensuring that the comic remains in the same condition as when it was first printed.

Investment Value:


9.8 copy of "Amazing Spider-Man #361" is not only a collectors dream but also an attractive investment. Over the years, key issues featuring first appearances of iconic characters tend to appreciate in value significantly. The rarity of a high-grade copy enhances its desirability among collectors and investors alike.

Popularity of Carnage:

Carnage has remained a fan-favorite character since his debut. His chaotic and ruthless nature, combined with his unique symbiotic abilities, has made him a formidable and enduring adversary for Spider-Man and other heroes in the Marvel Universe. As such, the first appearance of Carnage in "Amazing Spider-Man #361" continues to be highly sought after by fans and enthusiasts.


"Amazing Spider-Man #361" CGC

9.8 represents not only the birth of a legendary villain but also a valuable and collectible piece of comic book history. Its significance in Spider-Mans rogues gallery and the rarity of a near-mint to mint copy make it a sought-after gem for collectors and investors. Whether youre a die-hard Spider-Man fan or a savvy investor in the world of comics, a CGC

9.8 copy of this iconic issue is a prized possession that encapsulates the enduring appeal of the web-slinger and his legendary adversaries.

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