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The Versatile Warriors: Exploring Warmachine Mercenaries


In the gritty and mechanized world of Warmachine, where mighty steam-powered warjacks clash on the battlefield, mercenaries play a pivotal role. These versatile warriors, known as Warmachine Mercenaries, offer a unique and diverse set of skills and abilities that can turn the tide of battle. In this article, we will delve into the world of Warmachine Mercenaries, exploring their origins, roles, and the strategic advantages they bring to the tabletop wargame.

The Mercenary Concept

Warmachine is a tabletop miniature wargame produced by Privateer Press, where players command armies of steam-powered warjacks and their formidable warcasters. While each faction in the game has its own distinct strengths and weaknesses, mercenaries provide an intriguing alternative for players seeking flexibility and unpredictability.

Origin and Background

The concept of mercenaries in Warmachine can be traced back to the Iron Kingdoms, a war-torn and politically complex world where various factions vie for dominance. Mercenaries are not bound by faction loyalty and can be hired by any warcaster to fight alongside their forces. This neutrality gives them a unique position on the battlefield, as they can fill strategic gaps and provide unexpected advantages.

Versatility on the Battlefield

Warmachine Mercenaries encompass a wide range of units, including warriors, warjacks, and solos, each with its own specialized abilities and playstyle. Their versatility allows players to tailor their armies to suit their strategies and adapt to the challenges presented by their opponents. Whether you need hard-hitting melee units, expert ranged support, or sneaky assassins, mercenaries have something to offer.

Contracting Mercenaries

In Warmachine, hiring mercenaries is as much a strategic decision as it is a narrative one. Players can field mercenary units and warjacks by taking them as part of their army through specific contracts. These contracts represent agreements with various mercenary companies and dictate which units and solos can be included in a players army.

Notable Mercenary Companies

Several renowned mercenary companies exist within the Iron Kingdoms, each with its own unique flavor and specialization. Some notable examples include:

Steelhead Mercenaries: Known for their disciplined infantry and loyal warjacks, Steelheads are a versatile choice that can fill many roles on the battlefield.

The Highborn Covenant: This company specializes in magically empowered units and offers formidable arcane support.

Four Star Syndicate: A shadowy organization that excels in espionage and assassination, they bring sneaky and cunning solos to the table.

The Talion Charter: Sea-faring mercenaries who bring naval expertise and amphibious tactics to the battlefield.

Strategic Advantages

Utilizing mercenaries strategically can catch opponents off guard and lead to game-changing maneuvers. They can disrupt enemy plans, provide unexpected synergies, and create versatile combinations that keep the game fresh and engaging.


Warmachine Mercenaries bring an exciting dimension to the tabletop wargame, offering players the opportunity to diversify their armies and experiment with different tactics. Whether youre looking for a hard-hitting melee force, expert ranged support, or clever battlefield manipulation, mercenaries in Warmachine can provide the missing pieces to your strategy. Their neutrality and adaptability make them an intriguing choice for players seeking both versatility and unpredictability on the battlefield in the rich and immersive world of Warmachine.

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